Referral Program FAQ

Q: How do I sign up for the referral program?
A: Click on the link Referral Program under My Account, or just follow this link HERE.

If you are an existing or new customer, you are automatically registered as a referrer. You can access your referral urls by going to the referral dashboard HERE using the same login credentials.

Q: How much do I earn with the referral program?
A: You will earn 5% in store credits on every campaign item and campaign add-ons order.
Please note that you do not earn anything for in-stock items purchased.
If you use your own referral url, you will not earn anything on the order.

Q: Where can I find my referral url?
A: Once you login to your referral dashboard, you can find you unique referral url under 2 different tabs: Campaign Referral URLs and Affiliate URLs.

Your campaign referral url will look like this: campaign)/?ref=(your id)

Your affiliate url (which you can use to point directly to will look like this: id)

It does not matter which url you use to promote the campaign. As long as the customer use either url and purchases items from an active campaign and/or its add-ons, you will get referral credit.

Q: How long does it take for my earnings to convert into store credits?
A: Typically, the referral you made will be converted into store credit after 30 days to make allowance for refunds.

Q: How do I redeem my store credits?
A: During checkout, if you have available store credits to redeem, there is a field you can fill out as to how much of your store credit you want applied to your order.

If your store credits have not been approved yet (less than 30 days from the referred sale), or if you have used up all your store credit, (i.e. you have $0 in store credits) you will not see any options to use store credits.

Q: What can I purchase with my store credit?
A: There are no restrictions on what you can purchase with your store credits. You can purchase in-stock items as well as campaign items.