Starlight Cats Vol 1 Exclusive Pin + 3 Covers + Supplemental


First print edition of Starlight Cats vol 1: Merlion Rising with the main cover, the Merlion cover and the exclusive Merlion lineart cover.

Includes 48 pages of original art by Shane Davis and story by Shane and Yanzi. Backup material includes black and white inked artwork, variant covers and more.

The supplemental includes a 16-page Shane Davis illustrated story featuring the story of Barnaby and his brother. Included in the back is making-of material and the very first drawings of the Starlight Cat.

The exclusive pin set featuring the 4 Starlight Cats is a limited edition of 250 in total EVER. Each set will be hand-numbered.

All books will be signed by both Shane and Yanzi.

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